Laura Dillabaugh Life Coaching & Counseling
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Are you struggling to make a change and it's just not happening? Whether it's in a personal relationship, or related to a job, stress in one area of your life spreads to all areas of your life.  

You're a successful, healthy person who has friends, is loved, and generally is doing well in life. So WHY isn't this working?! Perhaps your work/life balance is off and you're stressed and overwhelmed. If that's the case, you're in the right place. One of my specialties is helping people reduce their STRESS and the STRESSORS in their life so they can again see things clearly.
Every day we make choices that lead us to be more balanced or less balanced, more fulfilled or less fulfilled, happier or ... not so happy. My responsibility to you is to teach you how to make choices to make your life more balanced, fulfilling, and effective

 In addition to Life Coaching to reduce and better help you cope with your stress level, I also provide counseling for issues related to grief & loss, marital/couples issues, and stressors related to the military lifestyle. 
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So ... what can Life Coaching help you with?
~Being Happy (Who doesn't want to be happier?)
~Fulfilling Goals (You did it!)
~Making Changes (Ahhh...change for the better, finally!)
~Finding Balance (Namaste!)
~Reducing Stress (WOW - 80% of Primary Care Visits are STRESS related!!
A Coaching session with me is WAY better than going to your doctor's my humble opinion!)
Are you facing an important transition or change in your life?
Are you looking for more in your life, but you don’t know how to get started?
Do you feel overwhelmed or "stuck" and just can’t seem to get going?
A Coach is Like a Personal Trainer For Your Life and Work
As your coach, I help you move out of feeling “stuck”. I will help you break unhelpful patterns, behaviors, and thinking that hold you back.
I will help you create new strategies to reach your goals.
I will teach you new communication strategies to ensure that YOUR needs are being met in your personal relationships.
I will listen to understand you, along the way pointing out strengths that you didn't even realize you had!
I will help you clarify your goals.
I will hold you accountable to take more waiting for the change!